HostsCK is the free, easy, comprehensive way to maintain the
Windows Hosts file.

By maintaining the Windows Hosts file you can block many annoying ads, banners and
cookies as well as complete websites, potentially speeding up your web-browsing and
keeping you safer online without the need to add yet more plugins to your web browser.
And unlike browser plugins a Hosts file can protect your computer even when you are not
browsing by blocking programs from connecting to their home site.

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Main features

Easy to read the Hosts file.

HostsCKIt makes the Hosts file easier to read by using different
font colours for the comments in a Hosts file and the
addresses being blocked or allowed.
You can use any colour combination you want.
You can also easily remove any or all comments.





Easy to update the Hosts file.

HostsCK BrowserOne click on the toolbar opens the built in browser which
can take you to or any other website that provides
a Hosts blocked list making it easy to download and update
the Hosts file. There are options to backup your Hosts before
saving, remove comments or change any prefix of to or vice versa.


Save your own blocked or allowed sites.

Saved sites viewerSave your own sites which will be imported back
into the Hosts file when you have update it.

You can save addresses to a whitelist.
HostsCK will make sure those addresses are not
blocked when saving a Hosts.

HostsCK also makes it simple to backup or disable the Hosts file, you can revert back
to the original Microsoft file if required. It can lock the Hosts file which will prevent
other programs deleting or modifying it and you can easily import your own lists.

Best of all, HostsCK is free. There are no limitations, no locked features
and no ads….EVER!

Download HostsCK | Overview| Original Microsoft Hosts


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HostsCK is Windows 10 compatible
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