Arrested Again

I’m back home after being arrested again for breaking
Coronavirus restrictions. This is my fourth arrest since
April this year.
I thought i’d post some what to do advice when arrested
for anyone who might be interested.

This time i was arrested for refusing to give my details
so an on the spot fine could be issued. This is what i
wanted to happen. If you give in and accept the fine you
are funding police harassment and criminality. Your choice
but i will not do that. I was not read my rights during the
initial arrest. When i arrived at the police station i again
refused to give my details or talk to anyone without legal
advice. This gave the police 3 options.
1. Let me go.
2. Keep me locked up for anything up to 36 hours then let me go.
3. Contact the station’s duty solicitor.

At this stage option 2 is their likely course of action so be
prepared for a long stay in a cell. Ask for a copy of PACE
which they have to supply. It will give you something to read
while you are locked up. Enjoy the solitude and catch up on
some sleep. You will probably be released after a few hours,
24 at most. For not wearing a mask of travelling during a
lockdown they can’t keep you longer than 24 hours but they
might stretch it to 36 and good luck with complaining to anyone
about that.

This last arrest they locked me up for 2 hours before contacting
the station’s duty solicitor. The solicitor spoke to me over the phone,
asked me what i had been charged with and what i wanted to do.
What i wanted to do was go home. The solicitor told the police
to let me go, nobody wants these cases to go to court because
they will be properly recorded and easily thrown out of court.
The police kept me locked up for a further 14 hours while
they processed my release, just to be awkward. I was then
issued with a travel warrant so that i could get home by
public transport.

For me, the only downside to being arrested is that the police
can take a DNA sample from you. They do not need your
permission to do this. That hasn’t happened to me yet.
All in all it is not a bad experience as long as you keep calm
and are not intimidated by anyone at the station. They may
well try to intimidate you but always remember that you
have a right to impartial legal advise whether you have been
read you rights or not.

I have no doubt that many who read this will be thinking
“just pay the damn fine”. If you want to do that then do it.
I will not be fined simply because i am a healthy individual
going about my business during a pandemic caused by a
virus that still hasn’t been proved to exist.


By Razr

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