New version of HostsCK

As is well known by  some of the users of HostsCK development stopped in May 2019.
red, the developer, had to quit unexpectedly and do other things and left me to run this website.
Before stopping development he manged to release version 2.2.8 which was going to be the final version.
However, before doing what he had to do he sent me the full, unreleased, code for version 2.2.8 which
contained all of the fixes and improvements that could not be tested in time.

I and three other fellow users of HostsCK have, with our limited coding knowledge, been working on this
unreleased version for a few months.
Thankfully red included detailed instructions on what to do but it has still been a steep learning curve,
we think we’ve managed it and will be releasing it in May at the latest this year.
This will be version 2.2.9, we are calling it the “Community Edition” and it will be the last as we have no
idea how to do any more.

So what’s new?

The way HostsCK starts has been completely re-written. This makes for a slightly faster start time but more
importantly further reduces the chance for errors. The read time for reading the Hosts remains the same.

Search for duplicate entries has been made more compatible with Windows 10. Some users were getting
errors and a program crash. If that happens now HostsCK will check for duplicates in a safer way but the
GUI will become unresponsive.

Hitting Ctrl+F in the main text box gives focus to the search box.
Hitting Ctrl+S in the main text box saves and changes to the Hosts file.

A setting to keep the Hosts writable. Useful if your VPN needs to be able to write to the Hosts.
If Windscribe VPN is detected the Hosts is kept writable anyway.

The language changer is completely re-written and you can now download new language files or updates
to languages.

A couple of bugs in the check for extra Microsoft blocks fixed.

Testers needed.

We are testing the changes now but need some more people to test it. If you fancy testing please contact me,
John, using the contact form. No programming experience is necessary, you will just have to use HostsCK as
you normally would and report any problems.

Microsoft List

It has been brought to my attention that the Microsoft list included in the HostsCK installer
had one line that was corrupted with an extra character which translates to a square character
in HostsCK (­
This created no problems other than looking untidy as that address was duplicated in the file.

While finding this line i also noticed that a couple more addresses were duplicated.

The duplicates have been removed and i have repaired the corruption.

If you wish to have the new list you can either download and install HostsCK
or download the updated list from here:

Download the zip file and drag the 2 files inside, “move list.bat” and “ms.txt”, to a folder.
Double-click the “move list.bat” to move the list to the %LocalAppData%\HostsCK\lists directory.

Thank you to Victor for making me aware of this.