Disabling Cortana

I have received several emails asking for the batch script to disable and enable
Cortana on Windows 10 that was available in the forum.


You can download it here

Alternatively, copy the code below, paste it into a text editor
and save it with a .bat extension e.g. Disable or Enable Cortana.bat.

This script may need to be run a few times to disable Cortana.
If you get ownership or file in use by another process errors be sure to read the comments in the script.

TITLE Disable/Enable Cortana - by rediSoft

REM set the paths to the Cortana directory and the disabled Cortana directory
SET DisabledDir=%SYSTEMROOT%\SystemApps\DISABLED.Microsoft.Windows.Cortana_cw5n1h2txyewy
SET EnabledDir=%SYSTEMROOT%\SystemApps\Microsoft.Windows.Cortana_cw5n1h2txyewy

REM Make sure we are running on Windows 10
FOR /f "tokens=4-5 delims=. " %%i IN ('ver') DO SET VERSION=%%i.%%j
IF "%version%" == "10.0" (GOTO :CheckAdmin)
IF "%version%" == "6.3" (GOTO :NotSupported)
IF "%version%" == "6.2" (GOTO :NotSupported)
IF "%version%" == "6.1" (GOTO :NotSupported)
IF "%version%" == "6.0" (GOTO :NotSupported)

REM Check script is being run with admin rights
    NET session >NUL 2>&1
    IF %ERRORLEVEL% == 0 (
               (GOTO :Win10)
    ) ELSE (
ECHO Please run this script as an Administrator by
ECHO right-clicking it and choosing 'Run as administrator'.


REM Windows 10 not detected
ECHO Cortana is on Windows 10 only.
ECHO You do not appear to be running Windows 10.
ECHO This script will now close.

REM Windows 10 detected so lets get started
IF EXIST %DisabledDir% (

REM Enable Cortana by removing the prefix 'DISABLED.'
MOVE %DisabledDir% %EnabledDir%

IF NOT ERRORLEVEL 1 (GOTO :EnableSuccess) ELSE (GOTO :EnableFail)

ECHO Cortana has been enabled.
ECHO Right-click an empty spot on the desktop taskbar
ECHO and select Cortana - Show to show the Cortana search
ECHO box or icon.
ECHO Sign out or restart Windows to start Cortana

REM Forecolour Red

ECHO There was an error enabling Cortana.
ECHO Try running this script again or Delete the
ECHO 'DISABLED.' prefix on the Cortana directory
) ELSE (GOTO :Disable)

REM Lets try to disable Cortana
IF EXIST %EnabledDir% (
REM Kill Cortana processes.
TASKKILL /F /IM backgroundTaskHost*

REM If disabling Cortana fails because of a file is being used by another process error
REM Uncomment (delete REM) on the 5 lines below REM END so TASKKILL can have 2 more goes at killing the processes
REM Increase the number of TASKKILL loops by changing the 2 in (1,1,2).
REM Some people have reported that having Task Manager open helps TASKKILL kill the processes
REM I cannot imagine why it would but we are dealing with Windows.

REM FOR /L %%A IN (1,1,2) DO (
REM TASKKILL /F /IM backgroundTaskHost*
REM ECHO Stop processes attempt: %%A

REM Uncomment (delete REM ) on the 2 lines below if you get ownership errors and try again.

REM takeown /f %SYSTEMROOT%\SystemApps\Microsoft.Windows.Cortana_cw5n1h2txyewy /r /d y
REM icacls %SYSTEMROOT%\SystemApps\Microsoft.Windows.Cortana_cw5n1h2txyewy /grant username_or_usergroup:F /t /q

REM Disable Cortana by prefixing the Cortana directory with 'DISABLED.'
MOVE %EnabledDir% %DisabledDir%


REM Cortana has been disabled
ECHO Cortana has been disabled
ECHO Right-click an empty spot on the desktop taskbar
ECHO and select Cortana - Hidden to hide the Cortana
ECHO search box

REM Could not disable Cortana
ECHO Could not disable Cortana. Make sure to run this script as an Administrator
ECHO by right-clicking it and choosing 'Run as administrator'.
) ELSE (GOTO :NotFound)

REM Cannot find the Cortana directory
ECHO Cortana directory not found.
ECHO The directory 'Microsoft.Windows.Cortana_cw5n1h2txyewy'
ECHO should be in %SYSTEMROOT%\SystemApps


HostsCK updated to version

HostsCK has been updated to version

This update includes the following:

      • The correct language is shown in the status strip when reverting to an original
      • The Tooltips in the Hosts Info form appear quicker and last longer.
        Requested by Pev04, Mike66, LonelyTony and Liz.
      • Completing the switch from the old English only HostsCK to the multi-language.
        HostsCK now gives the option to update the language files if a program update is
        available. This brings it in line with the new installer which gives a choice to install
        language files.
      • Emailing using the “Email with bugs or suggestions” menu item now includes how
        much available memory there is on the users system if the user chooses to include
        this information in the email. This can help me when a problem is reported.
      • The update information displayed when checking for program updates has links
        back to the posts on redisoft.uk which often have more information on the update.

HostsCK updated to version

HostsCK has been updated to version

This update includes the following:

      • HostsCK will now make a couple of checks to determine if a new program update is
        available. Hopefully this will help prevent the problem some users experienced in
        future. See Here
      • Tweaked the logic used to check for language file updates and the date which any
        language files were updated will be stored in HostsCK.ini.
      • Fixed a couple of spelling mistakes in the English language file.
      • The language file editor now includes an option to view the English language file.
      • Uninstalling HostsCK now does a better job of  not enabling the DNS Cache Service
        if the user chooses not to enable it.
      • The program installer now gives the choice whether to install German or Russian
      • HostsCK English only install has been discontinued and if updated will update to
        the multi language version.

HostsCK Update Problem

Some users have reported a problem checking for updates to HostsCK using the updater.

The problem appears to be due to HostsCK not recognizing that there is a new version
available due to the fact that the latest version info i put on the web server using an FTP
client is not getting refreshed so HostsCK thinks it is the latest version.

For now i am uploading the info directly instead of using an FTP client and the updater is
working as it should.

Thank you to all who contacted me regarding this issue.

HostsCK updated to version

HostsCK has been updated to version

This update includes the following:

    • HostsCK will now remember the directory a Hosts file was opened from.
    • If the DNS Service is enabled when saving a Hosts file HostsCK will
      recommend that it be disabled if the file contains more than 200 entries.
    • HostsCK will check for language file updates while checking for program
      updates. If there are no program updates available the user has the option
      to download the updated language files if any are available. If a program
      update is available then a full update with language files is performed.
      (HostsCK Multi-Language only)
    • Removed local help file. As the majority of users use the online help,
      help is now only available online.
    • Minor graphical updates.

HostsCK updated to version

HostsCK has been updated to version

This update fixes the following:

    • On extremely rare occasions HostsCK could freeze on closing.
      This was due to HostsCK being unable to save it’s window position.
      If this happens HostsCK will now close and then start centre screen.
    • HostsCK will revert to the default lists location if it cannot find the path
      set by the user.

TT Average Speed Calculator released

Being a fan of motorcycle road racing and the Isle Of Man TT in particular i was eager
for the release of the game ‘TT Isle Of Man – Ride on the Edge’ .

I was disappointed however to find that the game does not calculate your average lap
or race speeds. Personally, i like to keep my own record of times and speeds and so it
seems do some of my friends who also play the game so TT Average Speed Calculator was born.

The program can only calculate average speeds over the 37.73 mile (60.72km) TT course.

A more advanced average speed calculator is available from the same download page.

Download TT Average Speed Calculator


HostsCK Multi-Language

HostsCK has now been translated into Russian and German.

The Multi-Language installer can be downloaded from the download page.

Thank you for the e-mails asking for this to be done.
Translation has been done with an online tool but the translations can be edited
through the language changer in the Help menu.

Only HostsCK is multi-language. The programs that compliment HostsCK, ipconfig GUI,
KnockKnock and ListCK are English only.

The English only version is still available from the download page.

HostsCK updated to version

HostsCK has been updated to version

This update adds the following:

    • You can now save a list of addresses to a whitelist.
      These addresses will be unblocked when saving a Hosts.
      If there is an address that is always blocked in an updated Hosts file that you would
      rather wasn’t add it to the whitlist and HostsCK will make sure that address is unblocked.