Batch Resize updated to version 1.4

Batch Resize has been updated to version 1.4

This update provides the following:

  • You can now drag and drop files and folders onto the listview to open
    them for processing. Folders dropped will be searched recursively
    for supported images.
  • .rle, .dib, .tiff and .tif images can now be imported for conversion
    to .jpg, .bmp or .png.
  • Optimal images sizes for several social networking sites can now be
    kept up to date for use in Batch Resize.
  • Images are processed slightly faster, around 1/10 of a second is saved
    processing 100 images to jpg at 70% image quality and 75% size reduction.
    This has been achieved at the cost of memory usage which is up slightly
    while processing images.
  • Error handling has been improved.
  • Help file with basic instructions now included.
  • overall program file size reduced.Download Batch Resize