Batch Resize

Quickly and easily resize your JPEG, Bitmap or PNG images.

You can resize by a percentage from 1 to 400 percent or specify your own dimensions.
If you are saving to JPEG you can adjust the quality of the image.

If you just want to adjust the JPEG quality or save to a different format without resizing
you can do that too.

Batch Resize lets you save to JPEG, Bitmap or PNG, preserving any transparency on .png
images, and you can easily choose to resize to many different optimal social network sizes
for Facebook, Twitter and YouTube etc. These can be updated from the Social Media Sizes
dialog by right-clicking on the listview.

Batch Resize   Media Sizes

Batch Resize has been programmed to be as memory and processor efficient as possible
and uses much less memory while processing images than many other similar programs.
This means that if you are processing hundreds of files you can still continue to use your
computer without Batch Resize slowing things down.

And, like everything from rediSoft, it’s FREE.

Download options:

Batch Resize doesn’t need to be installed and can be run from anywhere on your PC.
Download the zip file for the program. To uninstall Batch Resize just delete the program.
A settings file will need to be deleted which can be found in the AppData\Local\rediSoft directory.
Delete the folder that begins with “Batch_Resize.exe”.

Alternatively, you can download the installer which will create shortcut icons and clean everything
up when uninstalled.

Batch Resize Installer
Size: 569 KB

Batch Resize Standalone
Size: 160 KB

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