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BBC – Long Covid: Virus ‘like Russian roulette’ for young and healthy

The BBC continue with their campaign to keep their followers in abject fear.

Lets break this down.

The risks of long Covid mean catching the virus is like “playing Russian Roulette” for the young and healthy, a leading immunologist has said.

Long Covid. That implies that there must be a short Covid out there. So what is short Covid? The BBC aren’t saying.

The young and healthy. Or, the group of people who just were not catching the virus according to official figures.
Well they might get it now but might not. A leading immunologist said so.

The leading immunologist? Who is he or she? The BBC aren’t saying.

A panel of health workers suffering with the long-term effects of the virus described pain, fatigue and debilitating nerve damage.

Who was on this panel? The BBC aren’t saying but  “They warned against a “black and white” view of Covid as an illness that was
either mild or deadly”. OMG! Mild or DEADLY. That’s concerning. Funny how mild or DEADLY reactions to a vaccine is never
anything to worry about though, it’s worth the risk and if it was deadly the dead person obviously had underlining health issues.
Survival of the fittest and all that.

An estimated 5-10% of patients remain ill two months after being infected.

Where does the figure of 5-10% come from? If you click a link further down the page you can see that the figure comes
from the Office for National Statistics. Their “experimental statistics” that are “very much a work in progress” are obviously
very important. On the other hand their final figures showing a very average mortality rate for 2020 are not.

There is even some early evidence of Covid infection causing changes to the brain’s structure.

This would be a good time to check out the excellent video by Max Igan of The Crowhouse
The Coming Zombie Apocalypse

Dr Nathalie MacDermott, a paediatric doctor who believes she was exposed to Covid by a colleague, has been left with
nerve pain that
makes it difficult for her to walk – and suspected damage to her spinal cord.
She called for “awareness from some of the younger public who think they are invincible”.

“I’m 38 and wonder if I will ever be able to walk properly again without crutches or will I need a wheelchair,” she said.
“Yes you may not die but you might have long term problems.”

Dr Nathalie MacDermott. Received a medal after repeatedly risking her life to battle the Ebola outbreak in West Africa.
Ebola didn’t get her, it had her colleagues but she was invincible. Covid proved that she could indeed be vinced.
The press like to wheel this doctor out every now and then. I became aware of her in April 2020 when she stated:
” I think it’s very unlikely that Public Health England would start advocating for the use of masks”. Oh yeah, she knows what
she is talking about.

How many people have long Covid? The true number is not known.

I love this section, it’s classic BBC. It has words like “potential”, “could” and “might”.
The moon could be made out of cheese and the craters might actually be pickle, giving it the potential to make a rather
large, delicious sandwich. Shouldn’t journalism contain facts not maybe’s and possibly’s?

Prof Danny Altmann, an immunologist at Imperial College London, said it was a “chapter of the medical textbooks that
hasn’t yet been written and it needs to be”. “It’s a real kind of Russian roulette,” he said.

Prof Danny Altmann. Could this be the leading immunologist the BBC mentioned at the beginning?
This Prof is just a lowly immunologist not a leading immunologist but the man knows the difference between real and fake Russian roulette.

Imperial College London. Want to know just how independent ICL are?
The man behind the push for a vaccine, the sainted Bill Gates owns Imperial College London and all who sail in her.
Gates Foundation Awarded Grants Imperial College London


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Over $91 Million dollars awarded by the Bill & Melinda
Gates Foundation to Imperial College London in 2020 alone.

I guess they are going to say whatever he tells them to.

The BBC is a disgrace. It now only specializes
in psychological warfare and people are stupid
enough to fund them doing this.

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