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BBC – Long Covid: Virus ‘like Russian roulette’ for young and healthy

The BBC continue with their campaign to keep their followers in abject fear. Lets break this down. The risks of long Covid mean catching the virus is like “playing Russian Roulette” for the young and healthy, a leading immunologist has said. Long Covid. That implies that there must be a short Covid out there. So what […]

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How should you talk to friends and relatives who believe conspiracy theories

I love this. The BBC have advise on how you should talk to anyone believing in conspiracy theories from their Specialist disinformation reporter Marianna Spring. I know, the BBC has a Specialist disinformation reporter, there hasn’t been much to laugh about this year so thank you BBC for making me laugh so hard it hurt. Alright […]

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COVID Does Exist. Apparently.

After the confirmation that the Department of Health and Social Care holds no record of the isolation of a COVID / SARS-CoV-2 virus the internet is awash with sites debunking this claim. Well, not debunking, rather insisting that although the DOH does not hold any records the virus has been isolated in many other countries, China […]