COVID-19 Fake News

COVID Does Exist. Apparently.

After the confirmation that the Department of Health and Social Care
holds no record of the isolation of a COVID / SARS-CoV-2 virus the
internet is awash with sites debunking this claim. Well, not debunking,
rather insisting that although the DOH does not hold any records the
virus has been isolated in many other countries, China being the first
to isolate it.

So there you go, COVID does exist.

You have to ask yourself though why the DOH has records of every
other virus that has been isolated and identified no matter which
country discovered it.
Also, the courts in the UK are missing a real treat. Most if not all
court cases relating to The Coronavirus Act 2020 have fallen apart
because the virus that the act is written for cannot be proved to
exist making the act null and void. All they had to do was get China
to fax over the proof.

I’ll link to a random site that parrots most of the other sites spewing
out their “facts”.
According to THIS SITE proof that COVID does not exist fails
basic biology test. Their piece fails a basic journalism test.

4 replies on “COVID Does Exist. Apparently.”

That’s a good point about the courts. I’ve been
following court cases closely. They are dismissing
cases related to the covid act. Even the £10,000
fine for organizing protests has been dropped
because it never held up in court.

Utter bullshite. Yes COVID exists. FACT.

It takes time before all of the information is held on record.
People are being fined so the coronavirus act is relevant.
If COVID doesn’t exist why are people dying from it?
Why is there a vaccination for it?

If Covid was a lie everyone could see it, something this big
cannot be lied about.

Please. please provide me with proof of the fact.

It took the British Government a few days to draft, write and
make law the 450+ page Coronavirus Act 2020, in other words
no time at all. The Government has no proof that COVID has
been isolated, it doesn’t matter what other countries have
or say.

People are being fined but the clever ones who take it to court have
the case dismissed.

They are not dying from COVID then are they.

There is a vaccination yes. Prove to me that COVID exists
and i’ll say the vaccination must be for COVID.

There is no debate just a one-sided story line. All arguments
against are shutdown or ridiculed. Media and Governments lie,
it’s what they do. It’s up to the individual to believe it or not.

The fact checking sites only confirm that the UK has no
evidence of the isolation of COVID / SARS-CoV-2.
They also provide no evidence of isolation that the other
countries apparently have, we are just meant to take their
word for it obviously.

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