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Covid Hysteria

I have come to the conclusion that anyone who believes
in the COVID story without question is seriously mentally

I have tried so hard to see this pandemic from their point
of view and understand how they think like they do but it
is beyond me. I do not consider myself intelligent, i never
have but i am able to read and think logically. Nothing
about this pandemic makes sense or has any logic.
You do not need a high IQ, a degree, a PhD or be an
expert in anything, all you need is one working brain cell
that is capable of independent thought to see what utter
nonsense anything to do with COVID is.

I’m sure most have been brainwashed by the media but it’s
the same media i watch and read daily, why has the
brainwashing not effected me? I’m not special in any way,
in many ways my life is no different to the complete nut
job on Facebook shouting at anyone who doesn’t believe.

I just don’t get it and i’ve had enough.

2 replies on “Covid Hysteria”

Definitely brainwashing. I’m no expert but i think some
are more susceptible to brainwashing than others.
It is so frustrating. It isn’t frustrating because i care for
these idiots, it’s frustrating trying to understand, make sense
of their way of thinking.
I’m happy that these morons will be rushing to get vaccinated.
I wish the very worse for them.

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