Covid: Mum’s ‘heartbreaking’ death next to daughter in hospital

The BBC prove once again that they are one of the most sinister
organizations on the planet pushing an agenda that will harm millions.

If you believe in this rubbish you are mentally ill.

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Again, look at the psychology being used by the BBC.

A child at school caught coronavirus and it then
“ravaged through” the family at a “frightening” speed”

They do not say which strain of coronavirus the child
is believed to have caught but the COVID headline
leads you to think it must have been Covid but why
the switch?
It is known that children do not die of Covid but oh no,
they can bring it into the household and it will ravage
your family at frightening speed. Propaganda at its very

“My mum asked them to take her mask off and
they said, ‘Once we take this off, that will be it.
You won’t have very long.”

So, remove your mask and you will die.

The BBC is sickening

The BBC is banned in my house, nobody wants to watch
it here anyway and now they expect my kids to watch
3 hours of BBC brainwashing while they are off school.

One of the greatest things that you can do for
yourself, if you have any intelligence left, is stop
watching the news for at least a month.

During your time off not only will you come to realise
that this pandemic only exists in the media but when
you watch any news channel, it doesn’t matter which
one they are all the same, all you will see are idiots
speaking advanced moron read from a script aimed
at the terminally stupid.

I went without a telly for 8 years. When my girlfriend moved
in she brought her telly. After 8 years you can see that
everything on the TV is directed at a dumbed down population.
And the adverts, not only are there far more adverts, more than
half are charities begging because their CEO’s need more
cash and the rest make the telly tubbies look high-brow and

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