Here is Bill Gate’s Injectable Biochip, for Those Who Think it is Conspiracy Theory

CORONAVIRUS NEWS — A Silicon Valley company with early
funding from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, as well as the
US Department of Defense’s highly secretive Defense Advanced
Research Projects Agency, is expecting  approval of an injectable,
permanent under-the-skin biochip sensor made of advanced
hydrogel material sometime in the spring.

The chip is being touted as a way to detect COVID infections as
soon as the body begins to show symptoms.

It has been known since the end of May, according to the CDC, that
COVID is a 99.8% survival rate virus, similar to flu, which is 99.9%.
While it is true that severe cases of COVID can have serious
after-effects, this is true of any serious case of a respiratory disease,
including flu.


By Razr

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