Internet Kill Switch

Are they getting ready to use it?
Maybe not turn off the whole internet, if that’s even possible,
but disrupt the big servers, a kill switch lite if you like.

Some strange things have been happening the past week, big
servers going down or screwing up, the same happening with
big sites like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. Now i know sites
large or small go down from time to time but lately a lot of big
players have had “problems” with servers going down or having
problems in Europe and America.

I really don’t know if this means anything but when i was looking
into it it got me thinking about how annoying those pesky conspiracy
theorists are spreading their facts that interfere with mainstream
The COVID/Coronavirus vaccine is almost ready, Bill Gates wants
you to have it, and if you should be so selfish as to have a bad reaction
to it or even die Billy G is not going to want anybody knowing.

Will we see the small to medium size “conspiracy” sites go off line?
Will the big players all have problems or have they been putting in
place a user kill switch to remove all negativity towards vaccines at

Maybe systems are being put in place ready for the connection to AI.
Artificial Intelligence and the COVID vax do go together after all
and what is needed for the connection to AI? 5G.
People are going to get sick once 5G is ramped up. I remember
reading somewhere when COVID first hit the news that it was just
a smoke screen, a way to roll out 5G and a great way to take away
liability. Right now COVID is the cause of pretty much all sickness
and deaths. Once 5G is properly running any sickness caused will
be put down to COVID.

Interesting times for sure.



By TearDrop

Just try and jab little Billy G's vaccine in me

3 replies on “Internet Kill Switch”

These are interesting times. 10 months ago i would have
called you a conspiracy nutjob, not now. I’ve learnt a lot
about how the world is run and how we are all controlled,
it has been hard to take in and some days i wish i was
still in my safe bubble but once you start to understand
everything starts making sense. With 5G, i would have
been one of the many insisting that “they wouldn’t do that”,
“Why would they put up a system that can cause harm” etc.
But i see now that they are doing that. The evidence that
5G causes harm is vast and the argument against that
evidence is “it’s a conspiracy being spread by dangerous
I don’t know how any of this is going to pan out but i’m sure
it’s not going to be good for most. I love life even now, i have
a good life but if this “New Normal” comes in i will not
hesitate to end it.

I was the same Liz, hated conspiracy theorists and all their nutty
theories until they all started coming true. But even then, even
when i thought to myself “these conspiracies are coming true” i
still shut myself off from them. What really did it for me was the
media and social media shutting all arguments down if they went
against the official text. It is hard to wake up and see the world
for what it is because the natural thought is “i don’t want to live
in this world”.

Just watched a Max Igan (The Crowhouse) video where it is suggested
that they might pull the plug on everything, the whole grid.
That wouldn’t surprise me one bit.

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