Is This Really About A Virus

Madness in Tesco - Wales

Look at this nonsense in Pontypool Wales.

Supermarkets, following Welsh Government regulations, are covering non-essential items during the latest lock down.
You can walk down this isle and buy nappies and the virus will ignore you but reach for the quilts opposite and it will strike you down.

Thankfully the still to be peer-reviewed and proved to exist COVID-19 will let you buy alcohol in supermarkets but doesn’t want you buying a pint in the pub.

Still think this is about a virus.





By Helena

I love a man who isn't wearing a face-nappy.

3 replies on “Is This Really About A Virus”

Jeez, 2 weeks that’s all. For 2 weeks you wont be able to buy a pillow or saucepan, surely we can all live with that?
My local Tesco stopped selling clothes, this can only help the local clothes shops that have had to close.

Tesco are well known for helping local businesses.
The fact that local businesses close and towns become
empty once a Tesco or and supermarket moves in
is just coincidence.

Have a good look at the picture Linda. Supermarkets could take
non essential items off the shelves but no they are still there
but you can’t have them.
Think about the psychology at play here. Look at the tape on the
floor. It’s all about control and fear. Wales is doing this because
cases of COVID have risen, we are being protected against a deadly
virus but where is the logic in this photo? Stand 6 feet apart and
don’t buy pillows. I see stupidity and fear porn in this photo,
what i don’t see anywhere in any place are piles of dead bodies.

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