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It’s Getting Depressing

Just got back from shopping at my local Aldi.
Saw a man i know, big bloke maybe 6’4″, muscular
been a bouncer, played rugby.
As i passed him i smiled. I didn’t expect to see a smile
back because he had a mask on, one of those macho
black ones. I don’t think he was smiling as he backed
away from me terrified because i didn’t have a mask on.
He bumped into the middle isle and just stopped himself
from scrambling on top of today’s Once-It’s-Gone-It’s-Gone
bargains to get away from me.
I think i’m going to be single for a long time.


By Helena

I love a man who isn't wearing a face nappy.

6 replies on “It’s Getting Depressing”

On the plus side, i’m a man in my 50’s who regularly
gets attention from much younger women because
i do not wear a mask. “Nice to see a real man” and
“what a lovely smile” has been said to me. It’s done
wonders for my ego and my gorgeous wife now
insists on coming to the shops with me.

Haha Rod, i guess you’ve found your silver lining.
Helena, i know how you feel, our men have wimped out.
It has to be the effect of 20+ years of male skin products
and make your hair shine shampoo.

LOL Rod. I’d be tempted to kiss you if i saw you
in a shop. Seeing an uncovered face, a smiling face is a
rare treat these days.

I have to agree with you ladies. The majority of men in
the UK at least have been useless.
I went to the first London protest. Police surrounded a
young woman and pushed her to the floor. I called for
everyone around me to help get her out and only
one woman came forward. The men just stood there
filming or shouting “choose your side”. It was pathetic.
I was arrested so was the brave woman, Carol, who
tried to help. We were released without charge.

In Spain i’ve seen men rescue women from the police,
in France protesters charge the police instead of running
away. In the UK it’s “Choose your side” then go home and
start a petition. In my experience more men are wearing
masks in shops too.

Since reading this i’ve noticed that there are more men
than woman wearing masks. God, that is depressing.

Look at men through history, Vikings, Gladiators, Centurions
heroes of World Wars, in the 70’s in the UK men would stand
up to governments and then you have now. How the hell did
that happen.

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