ListCK IconListCK checks list files against your Hosts file.

If you create and use your own lists to import into the Hosts file you can use
ListCK to check for and remove duplicate entries against a basic Hosts.

So, if you download a Hosts file and use that as your basic Hosts but also want
to add your own Adservers list for example you can use ListCK to check the Adservers
list entries that are already in the Hosts and save that list with the duplicates removed.

ListCK does not check for duplicate addresses, it checks for duplicate lines.
The list to be checked should resemble your Hosts entries. If entries in your Hosts are then
your list entries should be the same. If your list has two spaces after and the Hosts has one then ListCK
will not find duplicates. All duplicate comments will be removed also.

You can download a version of ListCK that works together with HostsCK. Check the HostsCK help file
for a download link.

ListCK Main Window