Magna Carta

Magna Carta

I’m seeing the Magna Carta mentioned a lot lately by people who
wish to remain free persons who are exempt from the decisions of
a tyrannical Government intent on taking away their freedoms and
that’s fine. I’m glad people are seeing what is happening in 2020
is not about a virus but about loss of freedoms and total control.

A brief history of Magna Carta

In the 13th century in England King John began taxing his subjects
for pointless wars abroad, extorted them with heavy fines and had
people imprisoned for victimless crimes. He used his local sheriffs
to confiscate private property. According to the book
“The History of the Office of the Sheriff” by Harry Buffadi he
deliberately chose “men of harsh demeanor for the post”.
King John’s big mistake was demanding scutage (money paid in
lieu of military service) from the barons who had not joined him
in battle. The barons rose up in 1215 and civil war broke out.
The rebels led by baron Robert FitzWalter gained control of
London. King John was forced to make certain concessions to the
nobles and on June 15, 1215 he accepted the terms included in a
document called the Articles of the Barons. Four days later, after
further modifications, the king and the barons issued a formal
version of the document, which would become known as the
Magna Carta. The benefits of the charter were reserved for only the elite classes, commoners still did not have a voice.

Of course there is also the English Bill of Rights (EBoR) but both
Magna Carta and EBoR amount to the same thing, they are documents
by the nobles for the nobles not for common people. And this is what
many forget or just can’t see and bring up their rights according to
Magna Carta, EBoR and Common Law.

What is Common Law?

From the legal dictionary:
The law developed by the common law courts as being common to all the
Crown’s subjects, as distinct from equity.

Under a common-law system, disputes are settled through an adversarial
exchange of arguments and evidence. Both parties present their cases before
a neutral fact finder, either a judge or a jury. The judge or jury evaluates
the evidence, applies the appropriate law to the facts, and renders a judgment
in favor of one of the parties. Following the decision, either party may appeal
the decision to a higher court.

People like to say that common law is do no harm but that is common

We are all born free.

Our parents take away that freedom when they
register our birth but our birth certificate is only a piece of paper
just like Magna Carta and EBoR. If you think those bits of paper
mean anything, have any significance or really have any power then
you are not and will never be free.

It’s very simple, if you want to be free, be free.
Being free means being free from Governments, Royalty, barons and nobles. Free from taxes, money, control and slavery.

You cannot be free and continue to live in a corporate world.
If you want money, if you want your mobile phone, if you want
your rubbish collected, your sewerage dealt with, your electricity
supplied, if you want holidays and a car you have chosen to live
in a corporate world governed by their rules.

Belief that what is written on a 800 year old bit paper can save you
from a corrupt, rogue government, police force and court system
is a waste of energy. Sure, at the moment bringing up common law
or Article 61 of Magna Carta may confuse some police officers and
stop them in their tracks but it will do you no good in the long run.

To have real power you have to learn to say “NO”. When people
insist that you wear a mask say NO. When vaccines become
compulsory say NO. If police try to slap a fixed fine on you say NO.
When a magistrate tells you to pay a fine say NO.
When you are still a slave saying NO can mean that you lose all the
things that are important to you, money, home, the illusion of
freedom but when you are truly free corporate entities cannot take
anything from you and you will certainly not end up in a court for
not following Governmental orders.


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Magna Carta and freeman of the land was a thing a few years
ago, i got into it. I found that people gained a little knowledge
then thought that they had some sort of power. Most burned in
the end. There was an ex policeman in Wales who refused to
pay his council tax who won his case and had some success
with the freeman thing if i remember correctly.

Wasn’t that John Hurst who beat the council tax??
I know he was very much into the British Constitution
and he may well have used that to avoid the tax.
But the point i’m trying to make is that even when
you can use Magna Carta to your advantage you still
remain a slave. And that’s my beef with the people who
say that the answer is Article 61 or Magna Carta etc.
They think that makes them free when i reality it does not.

I have a question.

I’m seeing “I Do Not Consent” posters on twitter
claiming that they stand under the jurisdiction of
common law and asking for proof of contract etc
that businesses can use. They are under article 61
exercising their right to earn a living.

From what i know about common law, wouldn’t
non consent without proof of contract be valid?

No and yes. In common law in a common law court yes
proof of contract would be needed.

More importantly No. Proof of contract already exists.
If you have a christian and surname plus a birth certificate
there is a contract. If you have those things you have
chosen to live in their corporate world bound by their
corporate laws.
Employers and employees in the UK spend between
20 to 30 minutes out of every hour working for the
government (taxes). They willingly pay those taxes
to live under the laws of government. The government
and their court system do not entertain the idea of
common law in that circumstance and why should
they if you have chosen to live in their world.

There shouldn’t be any doubt about how the world
is run now. It’s corrupt, it’s satanic. As much as you
want to believe that there is something out there
that can help you there isn’t.

Thanks for your reply. So basically common law
exists and could be relevant but not in the UK
as it is because it has a corrupt government that
will do whatever it wants.

If the Government is corrupt or rogue everything else
below them is too, courts, police councils etc.
Courts like to say that common law does not exist
until they deal with murder then they announce that
murder is contrary to common law.
The point i was trying to make though is even in a
perfect world Magna Carta is pointless. Study it and
you see that it’s nothing more than the ruling classes
giving the little people a voice and some protection
when it suits them. I’ve seen the arguments that it is
still relevant but use it in a court today and see how
far you get.
You do not need nobles to tell you that you are free,
you are free if you want to be but in today’s world that
means giving up everything you think you need like
money and technology. A free life is a hard life. A lot
of people want freedom while still being a slave.

I’m sorry but i have to disagree with what you have written.
The British constitution is a powerful thing. The Magna Carta
defines God-given rights and is still relevant today, it can not
be repealed. I have known people to use it in a court of law
with success. The Magna Carta is our way out of the mess
that the country is in

Hi Sam, please do not apologise for disagreeing with me,
different views and debate are necessary.

The constitution cannot be repealed but it can easily be
ignored. Since the first lockdown in March people have
been yelling about the constitution and Article 61 of
Magna Carta but here we are in a second lockdown.
What good has the constitution been.
You want a way out of this mess, get everyone to just
say NO or better still stop being a slave, give up
everything you think you need and live free.

The Magna Carta, Bill of Rights and the British Constitution
was no help for the protesters that got beaten up by the
police during the Million Mask March in London last night.
I can’t see it being much use to them in court either.

A friend of mine pointed me to this post as for years i’ve
been saying that the Magna Carta gives ordinary folk the
power to say no. That’s all. The ability to say no is there
by default but weak people need permission from those that
rule them to say it. It’s nice to see that at least one
other person agrees. Now all we have to do is convince
everyone else to forget the constitution and common law
and just start saying NO.

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