Microsoft List

It has been brought to my attention that the Microsoft list included in the HostsCK installer
had one line that was corrupted with an extra character which translates to a square character
in HostsCK (­
This created no problems other than looking untidy as that address was duplicated in the file.

While finding this line i also noticed that a couple more addresses were duplicated.

The duplicates have been removed and i have repaired the corruption.

If you wish to have the new list you can either download and install HostsCK
or download the updated list from here:

Download the zip file and drag the 2 files inside, “move list.bat” and “ms.txt”, to a folder.
Double-click the “move list.bat” to move the list to the %LocalAppData%\HostsCK\lists directory.

Thank you to Victor for making me aware of this.


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Thanks John.
I downloaded the installer and noticed a couple of changes to HostsCK
but the version is still 2.2.8. Has it been updated?