Other Programs by rediSoft

Predelay Calculator – Calculate reverb predelay or delay times in milliseconds to
match a given tempo.

Batch Resize – Quickly and easily resize your JPEG, Bitmap or PNG images.

ipconfig GUI – A Graphical User Interface for the Windows ipconfig utility.

Average Speed CalculatorCalculate average speed in mph or kph and calculate
average race times.

Lucky Lotto Generator – Generate lucky lotto numbers and possibly a few not so
lucky ones.

ListCK – Checks list files against your Hosts file.

KnockKnock – Checks if websites are active from a list file and removes inactive

*PicStitch – Stitch two images together.
Features ‘Smart Add’, add one image and PicStitch will automatically add a second
matching image to be stitched.

*Extension Changer – Change a files extension to anything else.

*No longer supported