Stitch 2 images together

PicStitch LogoMade originally to stitch images of both sides of a coin so the stitched images could be put on the internet. In this case the image of the front side of the coin ended in “o” and the reverse side in “r”.
To save having to drag a second image into PicStitch i created “Smart Add”. With Smart Add enabled any image that was dropped into PicStitch that ended in “o”, PicStitch would search for and add a second image ending in “r” and stitch the two together.
For example, image “coin1-o.jpg” is dragged to PicStitch, PicStitch looks for “coin1-r.jpg” in the same directory, adds that image and stitches the two together. Of course, you are able the change the default “o” and “r” to any other combination.

PicStitch can save to Bitmap, Gif, Jpeg, Png, Tiff and Wmf picture formats and even automatically save thumbnails of the image to any predefined size and Jpeg quality. By default the second image added will be resized to the dimensions of the first image but this can be overridden to preserve the aspect ratio. Images can be stitched side by side or top and bottom and you have full control over the quality of Jpegs that are saved.


PicStitch also provides a lightweight, easy way to save image thumbnails, resize or convert an image.


PicStitch Main Window
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