TT Average Speed Calculator released

Being a fan of motorcycle road racing and the Isle Of Man TT in particular i was eager
for the release of the game ‘TT Isle Of Man – Ride on the Edge’ .

I was disappointed however to find that the game does not calculate your average lap
or race speeds. Personally, i like to keep my own record of times and speeds and so it
seems do some of my friends who also play the game so TT Average Speed Calculator was born.

The program can only calculate average speeds over the 37.73 mile (60.72km) TT course.

A more advanced average speed calculator is available from the same download page.

Download TT Average Speed Calculator


HostsCK Multi-Language

HostsCK has now been translated into Russian and German.

The Multi-Language installer can be downloaded from the download page.

Thank you for the e-mails asking for this to be done.
Translation has been done with an online tool but the translations can be edited
through the language changer in the Help menu.

Only HostsCK is multi-language. The programs that compliment HostsCK, ipconfig GUI,
KnockKnock and ListCK are English only.

The English only version is still available from the download page.