The Badge Of Shame

This used to be an innocent happy smiley.
It’s cute and could possibly bring a bit of joy into an otherwise
miserable world.

But people couldn’t leave it alone. Some on Facebook and Twitter have
decided that this is now a symbol of weakness, selfishness and shame.

This is to be displayed by anyone who hasn’t been brainwashed by
the media into believing that there is a pandemic sweeping the globe
and that face masks save lives.

These  modern day warriors wish to show the world that they are complying with
every draconian, Orwellian step towards a Great Reset and New World Order but
they are not happy doing it. They know what the plan is, they will comply and
help usher in a nightmare future for themselves and children but they are fighting
back by proudly displaying the yellow smiley. And they have smilied up because they
are weak and selfish. They are too sensitive to deal with tut tuts and angry looks or
maybe someone asking why they are not wearing a mask.

When their children look into their eyes in 20 years time and ask “what did you do
to prevent the world of total control that they are now having to live in”, will they
be able to look into their eyes and say “I knew what was coming, i could see it
happening but there were angry crowds of mask wearing people in supermarkets who
would tut and sneer so i wore a mask, i got vaccinated and i did everything i was told
but i did display a yellow smiling face in protest.”



By Sandy

Put the Bible down before someone gets hurt

5 replies on “The Badge Of Shame”

Things are not going to get any better. COVID could
go on for years, it’s the first virus ever to exist solely in
the media and in the minds of the weak and gullible.
I’ve read the post on here “The Human Race Is Broken”,
it really is and these smiley face people have confirmed it.

“The Human Race Is Broken”. I’ve just read that post
and i agree with it, we are broken as a species.
It’s horrible to think like that but when you have people
wearing masks, social distancing and doing everything
a corrupt, self-serving government tells them to do even
when they know it’s wrong you can’t help but think that.

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