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The Human Race Is Broken

The human race is broken.

It is broken in mind, body, spirit and soul.
It cannot think for itself, cannot do anything for itself,
seems incapable of logical thought and gives worth to
things that have no worth and it is selfish. In my experience
it seems that no one can do an unselfish act without selfishly
broadcasting it on social media to reap the praise.

Broken beyond repair?

I’m not sure if the human race can be fixed, i like to think so
but at the same time i don’t really care. Is it worth fixing?
Art and culture, music, film, literature produce nothing new and
have been dumbed down for a dumbed down population.
Nothing progresses unless it is profitable. Technology and
medicine is the answer to everything. People waste hours a day
chatting on social media to “friends” while ignoring people in
their community. Many are perfectly at peace with seeing old
people in care homes being denied contact with family and
dying alone, most turn a blind eye to poverty, suicide and
homelessness and is there anyone who cares about vaccine
injured children. Wealth and fame is to be admired and it
also gives you a voice to be listened to.
I have not had a television for 15 years. While staying with
friends recently i watched some TV and watched my friends
watching TV. I noticed that everyone in the room seemed
transfixed to the pictures on the screen, wide eyed and tongue
resting on bottom lip. I can’t remember what drivel was being
shown at the time but i’m sure it could not have been as bad as
the adverts that followed. Every add has been made for the
minds of 3 year olds i’m certain. My God, the world is full of
And there is my problem. I shouldn’t think of people as
morons. I’ve not got a good opinion of most people,
people i don’t even know. That’s wrong so i’m broken too.

It’s just human nature, the way we are. I’ve never purposely
hurt anyone, certainly not physically and there is a lot of
love in my heart for my fellow humans but far, far less then
there used to be.

For me this year has been a fascinating and frustrating year.
It’s been a year where i have lost most of my friends and all
of my family simply because i have my own opinion. It’s been
a year when i’ve realised that if this ridiculous virus nonsense
were to end right now we would only be faced with a barrage
of Climate Change crap or terrorist attacks or seasonal flu or
a million other things to keep the masses in fear and the masses
would lap it up and anyone who can see through all of the lies
that are fed us would still be totally reliant on money and
technology and nothing more than a slave to their masters who
are lying to them.

A Great Reset is not needed, a Great Extinction event is.

The human race is broken.



By Helena

I love a man who isn't wearing a face nappy.

5 replies on “The Human Race Is Broken”

I’m sorry to hear that you have lost family and friends.
I’ve lost friends and know of a few people to lose
family because they see COVID for the hoax it is.

It is a horrible world but it makes sense when you
wake up to the fact that it is run by satanists and NO,
God is not the cure.

David Scott @Albion_Rover just posted on Twitter:

“Every phase of our lives is mocked, disdained and humiliated …that is really what brainwashing is…it’s just a constant, consistent destruction of morals, ethics, family and all that is good; on television, in the news, in books, in churches, in schools and in government”

That pretty much sums up life as we know it.

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