Two Covid tests a week could win people a ‘freedom pass’

Perfectly healthy people will need a pass to live a normal life and
all because of a virus which is proved to not exist.

People are set to be given “freedom passes” to allow them to live as normal a life as possible as long as they have two negative coronavirus tests a week, under a plan to get the country back to normal next year.

Under the scheme, which is still being developed by Whitehall officials, people could be given the passes as long as they can show they have been regularly tested for Covid-19.

People who are found to be Covid-free would be given a card, a letter or document that can be stored on their phone to show they can move around. Regular tests would be needed to ensure that they qualify for the certificates.

One reply on “Two Covid tests a week could win people a ‘freedom pass’”

I’ve been shacking my head so mush at these “news” reports
this year that it’s actually started to improve the arthritis in my neck.

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