HostsCK updated to version

HostsCK has been updated to version

This update includes the following:

  • Fixed: Not all comments were being removed if Show Comments was
    disabled in settings.
  • Improved: HostsCK does not need restarting when switching between
    showing and hiding comments.
  • Added: HostsDE. A small program that can run in the system tray and
    provides quick access to disabling or enabling the Hosts file.
  • Removed: Removed “Delete Saved Sites” from textbox right-click menu.
  • Corrected: The correct German language code (DE) is now used and
    shown in the installer.
  • Updated: All language files.
  • Updated: Help file.

Please note that the ListCK and KnockKnock bundle for HostsCK should also be updated
if it is installed. Download the bundle HERE.