HostsCK updated to version

HostsCK has been updated to version

This update includes the following:

  • Fixed: Correct language was not shown is some message boxes.
  • Bug Fix: Font settings were not being loaded.
  • Improved: HostsCK handles very large Hosts files much more efficiently.
  • Added: You can now drag and drop a Hosts or Hosts.txt file on to the textbox to load it.
  • Added: Edit panel providing quick access to redo, undo and zoom functions as well as
    displaying the textbox line number.
  • Added: You can check your saved allowed sites. HostsCK can check that the connection to
    the sites is working. Site check is available from the userlist window.
  • Added: Greyscale colour scheme for the textbox.
  • Added: Option to install APHont Font, a font developed specifically for low vision readers
    by American Printing House. The font can be chosen from settings to make the Hosts clearer
    to read for low vision users. Full download needed.
  • Minor tweaks: Several graphical tweaks to various forms.
    Icon on main form now shows by default. See Help file under ‘Change Settings’.
    A space is added after or when hitting the return key in the main textbox
    if HostsCK is set to add those automatically.
    The main textbox fore colour should stay as the chosen fore colour when editing.
    If using the default MVPS Hosts, the updated info is highlighted slightly if using the
    default colour scheme.