HostsCK updated to version

HostsCK has been updated to version

This update includes the following:

  • Added: HostsDE can check for mvps updates periodically while
    it is running and provides protection against the renaming or
    deletion of the Hosts as well as preventing changing it’s read-only
    attribute by other programs.
  • Added: HostsCK can now clear the Internet Explorer cache as well
    as cookies when closing the built in browser.
  • Added: You can now use your own button images on the toolbar.
  • Added: Setting to show URLs in main textbox. Links can be clicked
    and opened in your default browser.
  • Improved:¬†HostsCK’s total load time reduced by up to 1 second. *
  • Improved: Search textbox back and fore colour will be the same
    as the main textbox.
  • Improved: The Design panel in Settings has a more logical layout.
  • Changed: Search textbox text highlight happens on mouse up
    instead of mouse down.
  • Changed: Slight redesign to the About window.
  • Minor bug fixes: Several bugs squashed.* The less free memory your computer has the faster the increase in
    load times will be.
    Thanks to: John, Mike66, Sanka, Lau, Ragga, Richard, Liam, Heidi, Seb, The Milkman and Hoss
    for asking if the Internet Explorer cache could be cleared or that the toolbar
    images could be changed and helping with the testing of the changes.