HostsCK updated to version

HostsCK has been updated to version

This update includes the following:

  • Fixed: Correct menu icons are shown if HostsCK is running in
    the system tray.
  • Fixed: HostsDE showing a “The process cannot access the file” warning if
    checking for an updated Hosts file.
  • Fixed: The larger font when typing setting now works.
  • Fixed: The reading icon was being shown on the ‘Addresses blocked’
    status label when changing between showing own icons or not in settings.
  • Improved: The Startup code has been re-organized so HostsCK starts more
    smoothly and, if using the English language file, starts slightly quicker.
  • Added: When highlighting text in the main textbox, ‘Copy’ and ‘Cut’ menu items
    will be displayed enabling you to quickly copy or cut the selected text.
    This can be disabled in Settings > Input > Show copy menu.
  • Removed ‘Check for updated Hosts’ setting as it has been replaced with HostsDE
    checking for Hosts updates.
  • Changed: The ‘No duplicate entries found’ message box no longer shows ‘Hosts OK’.
  • Changed: ‘Cut’, ‘Copy’, ‘Paste’ and ‘Select All’ right-click menu items have been
    moved above the ‘Saved Sites’ menu items.
  • Updated: Updated the Microsoft blocks list.