HostsCK updated to version

HostsCK has been updated to version

This update includes the following:

  • Added: Setting to automatically show the edit panel when typing
    in the main textbox.
  • Added: Settings to show or suppress the “No more matches of”
    message when using search to search for text in the Hosts file.
  • Fixed: HostsCK displays correctly on high DPI monitors.
  • Fixed: A rare “Single Thread Apartment” error when flushing the
    DNS Cache.
  • Improved: HostsCK detects user input in the main textbox much
    better and will enable the save button and display an asterisk to show
    that changes may need to be saved.
  • Improved: Several minor improvements to search functions, GetIP,
    the built in web browser and the Bugs and Suggestions email client.
  • Updated: The HostsCK uninstaller now enables the DNS
    Client Service without asking and deletes the registry key
    HostsDE creates if it is set to run when Windows starts.
  • Updated: The HostsCK Install program has been updated to
    conform to Microsoft guidelines. This means that links to the
    Uninstall HostsCK shortcut and the HostsCK license are no longer
    in the HostsCK Start Menu folder. A link to the uninstaller is now in
    the HostsCK program files directory and can still be easily uninstalled
    from the Windows control panel.
  • Removed: HostsCK can no longer be sent to the system tray
    to protect the Hosts file as this is now handled by HostsDE.