HostsCK updated to version

HostsCK has been updated to version

  • Added: Setting in Settings > Input to automatically add and block an address when
    pasting a web address into the text box. E.G. “” is
    pasted as “”.
  • Added: Setting in Settings > Misc to warn that Hosts is disabled when HostsCK exits.
  • Added: HostsCK checks that the Hosts file can be edited and is not locked by
    another program when it starts. See Help.
  • Added: Added font colouring for “# My Saved Sites”, “# Start Of Microsoft Blocks #”
    and “# Start Of EXTRA Microsoft Blocks #” orange, lime and red respectively.
  • Added: “View List” Link to view the Microsoft extra blocks list in your text editor.
    Link is on the “You have the latest version” message box when checking for an
    update to the extra blocks.
  • Fixed: Fixed the English language file getting corrupted during install or
    update in certain cases.
  • Fixed: Fixed a memory leak in HostsDE.
  • Improved: Only the domain name of a web address gets pasted into the
    text box. E.G. “” becomes “”
    when using the Paste menu item to paste a web address into the text box.
    Ctrl+V overrides this behaviour so the full address gets pasted.
  • Changed: Check Hosts is disabled when restoring a Hosts backup until that
    backup has been saved.