HostsCK updated to version Final

As the curtain comes down on the HostsCK project due to a new direction in my life, version
is marked as final. No more features will be added and bugs will not be fixed.
This website will remain for 2019 and almost certainly 2020.

The Microsoft Extra list will be updated when needed by John – a long time user of HostsCK.

  • Fixed: Internet Explorer loading when HostsDE checked for a Hosts update
    while a VPN client was connecting or had disabled an internet connection.
  • Fixed: HostsCK crash when launching the Hosts update server in the
    default browser.
  • Added: Autosave setting. Open or drag and drop a Hosts file into HostsCK
    and it will be automatically saved. HostsDE, if set to check for mvps Hosts
    updates, will download and save the Hosts update when an update becomes
    available. Autosave is disabled by default. Go to ” Settings > Backup & Saving ”
    to toggle autosave.
  • Added: shortcut key for full view (F11).
  • Changed: Changed internet connection ping from to as
    several users reported problems with HostsCK and HostsDE detecting
    an internet connection.
  • Improved: Colour schemes re-written. Each scheme is named and the
    scheme colours are extended to other areas of HostsCK in some cases.
  • Improved: Graphical improvements to the built-in web browser.

Following is a list of changes made due to the fact that HostsCK has been marked as final.

  • Removed: HostsCK performance information as it was only used for testing purposes.
  • Removed: Email with bugs and suggestions email client.
  • Removed: Check for program updates.
  • Removed: Error logging.
  • The help file, ListCK and KnockKnock are now included in the install and in this update.

This version of HostsCK is dedicated to the memory of Robert Grant

Thank you to all users of HostsCK over the past 12 years.

Special thanks go to: John, Helena, Jon, Simon P, Andrew and my long-suffering partner Jenny.