HostsCK updated to version

Development of HostsCK stopped in May 2019. The creator of HostsCK sent me the code for the version he
was working on but could not complete due to him having to do other things. Myself and a few others thought
it would be nice to release this version and with the help of  people who offered advice and tested our work we
feel confident of releasing version

What’s changed

  • Improved: The way HostsCK starts has been completely re-written. This makes for a slightly
    faster start time but more importantly reduces the chance for errors.
    The read time for reading the Hosts remains the same
  • Improved: Search for duplicate entries has been made more compatible with Windows 10.
    Some users were getting errors and a program crash. If that happens now HostsCK will check
    for duplicates in a safer way but the GUI will become unresponsive
  • Improved: The language changer is completely re-written and you can now download new
    language files or updates to languages if available
  • Improved: Textbox right-click menu detects if selected text can be saved to the saved sites
    or added to the whitelist more logically
  • Improved: GetIP returns only an IPv4 IP address not IPv6 if IPv6 is enabled on users computer
  • Improved: The way HostsCK comes out of full mode and when exiting the built in browser has
    been re-written so that the transition to the forms normal state is smoother
  • Added: A setting to keep the Hosts writable (Settings > Misc). Useful if your VPN needs
    to be able to write to the Hosts
  • Added: Disable auto adding or to a new line from the right-click menu
  • Added: Ctrl+F in the main text box gives focus to the search box
  • Added: Ctrl+S in the main text box saves the Hosts file. Can be changed in Settings > Input
  • Added: American language file. (Thanks Chris Newman)
  • Changed: About form re-designed
  • Removed: HostsCK no longer checks for Windscribe VPN and keeps the Hosts writable if it is
    detected. This was meant as a temporary fix for several users before the release of version 2.2.9
  • Removed: Delete cookies setting

What’s fixed

  • Fixed: HostsDE not updating the Hosts under certain conditions
  • Fixed: HostsDE not adding whitelist when updating the Hosts
  • Fixed: Edits to the Hosts file were ignored after using the search function. (Thanks Виталий)
  • Fixed: Bug that prevented HostsCK checking for updates to the Microsoft Extra blocks list
  • Fixed: If HostsCK disabled the Hosts file and a VPN created one, HostsCK could not re-enable
    the Hosts. HostsCK will now enable the Hosts from the dis file but changes made by the VPN
    while disabled will be lost
  • Fixed: “Search Next” button text could be missing. (Thanks Liz)
  • Fixed: Write error when saving a site to the whitelist (Thanks Francis Béringer)

I would like to thank red, the developer, for leaving detailed comments in the code on how everything
worked and what needed to be done. Without it we, as non-programmers, would have been lost.

Special thanks to Liz Warren, Chris Newman and Glen Chandler who helped with coding.

Very special thanks to everyone who tested our work.

John Williams (