HostsCK updated to version 2.3.1

** We are aware that HostsCK does not count IPv6 blocks.
This will be addressed in version 2.3.2 soon.

Fixed: HostsDE not importing lists when auto saving.
Fixed: Do not include Microsoft block list setting being ignored.
Fixed: When performing a check for duplicate entries using “;;check hosts” in the
search box HostsCK would warn that the Hosts needs to be saved even when it
did not need saving.
Updated: Help file with drag and drop not working because
of Windows User Access Control (UAC).

Removed: Extra Microsoft Blocks. We are no longer able to maintain the list.
If HostsCK is set to use the Extra blocks they will be moved to the list directory
(Program Files (x86)\HostsCK\lists) during the upgrade to version 2.3.1 so that
the list can be imported into a new Hosts file. See help here.
Any lists used can be seen in “Settings > Lists”

Added: Button (MS Spyblock) in Settings > Lists that opens the Windows 10 Spyblock list
at should you want to add Microsoft lists.

MS Spyblock button