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Using an old mobile phone

I went to see my old friend Red over the weekend. Red started this
website and is very skilled in keeping a low profile and as
anonymous as can be.

Some time ago i ditched my smart phone but was thinking of
getting an old 2G Nokia mobile for emergencies.
I wanted to talk to Red and get his advice on what phone i should
get and how anonymous i could be if i had one.

The following is more or less what he told me:

” If you want low profile you don’t want a mobile phone.
Simple as that.
If you really must have one an old 2G phone is the way to go
but old phones can still be tracked and give away private
information. The biggest problem i see when people ditch their
smart phones for old phones because they do not want to be
tracked is they buy an old Nokia or something similar off the
internet. Immediately there is a record of that purchase, a purchase
that can be traced back to you. Then they will set up a PAYG
account with say o2 and top up online. Now o2 know you have that
phone and also have your bank details and no doubt your address,
email address and of course your mobile number.
Yeah, really low profile.

If you really must have a mobile, get an old Nokia from dodgy Dave
who sells stuff in the pub car park, it will probably come with a PAYG
SIM. Top up with cash only from many different shops. Keep the
battery out until you need to use the phone. Don’t use the phone
at home. If for example your car breaks down go and find a public
phone box to call the breakdown service. If you call them on your
mobile they will ask for a number to call you back and before thinking
you will give out your number and that number is now linked to your
car and you if you are the registered keeper.
As i said, you want low profile and anonymous, don’t get any mobile.
If you just want to prevent track and trace and any health apps then
great, that will work for now but if this push for a NWO continues
do you really think that people will be allowed to use these old
phones? Life is better without any tech but slightly harder for most.
There’s always an excuse to continue to use a mobile and computers
etc. “What if i’m stranded”, “I need email”,
“I’ve got to keep Facebook to stay in contact with family”,
the list goes on.
Truth is you do not need any of it. ”

I’ve decided that i don’t really need a mobile for emergencies.


By Helena

I love a man who isn't wearing a face nappy.

5 replies on “Using an old mobile phone”

I started using my old Motorola Razr this year after dumping
my iPhone, didn’t want to be tracked.
I wanted a phone in case i broke down, i do a lot of traveling
even now. I’m on a o2 PAYG and never though for a minute about
calling out breakdown and my number being linked back to me.
God it’s so easy to do.

I’m much the same as Forbell, lot of traveling, need a phone,
don’t want to be tracked. Brought my phone off eBay and the
sim separately. I then read about how when you first put a sim
into a phone, even an old one, and turn the phone on, it gets
pinged and the carrier can more or less pinpoint your location.
Okay, they have no idea who you are at this point but it’s only
a matter of time until you slip and give them everything they
might want to know.
Red is living in a field somewhere totally free from it all isn’t he?

Red went into pinging and SIMs and how you can be tracked
and identified but it was too technical for me and i can’t really
remember what he said so left that out of my post.

Red is in a small community living off the land. Sounds great
and having visited it is great but as Red and the others there
say, it’s only a matter of time before the Government send
in troops to wipe out communities like theirs.
If you do not fit into their agenda they are not just going to
leave you alone. That really could happen and shows just
how bad the world has become.

A while back i might have said that everyone in
that community is being paranoid. Not now.
What a sad state we are in.
I see a lot of talk about starting communities on
Twitter to get away from mandatory vaccination
and all the other New World Order crap and Red’s
community is right, the Government is not going to
allow anyone to live free.

Bloody hell, that’s depressing to think about.
I’ve reached a stage where i could quite happily
hang everyone who wears a mask and believes
in the virus. I blame them totally for the depressing
state the world is in and for the murders of old
people in care homes.

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