HostsCK Version History

Version 2.3 – 18 June 2020

Fixed: Unable to save edits to the Hosts file after performing a search and reaching the no more results found dialog.


Version – 10 April 2020

Improved: The way HostsCK starts has been completely re-written. This makes for a slightly faster start time
but more importantly reduces the chance of errors. The read time for reading the Hosts remains the same
Improved: Search for duplicate entries has been made more compatible with Windows 10.
Some users were getting errors and a program crash. If that happens now HostsCK will check for duplicates in a safer
way but the GUI will become unresponsive
Improved: The language changer is completely re-written and you can now download new language files or updates
to languages if available
Improved: Textbox right-click menu detects if selected text can be saved to the saved sites or added to the
whitelist more logically
Improved: The way HostsCK comes out of full mode and when exiting the built in browser has been re-written so
that the transition to the forms normal state is smoother
Added: Disable auto adding or to a new line from the right-click menu
Added: Ctrl+F in the main text box gives focus to the search box
Added: Ctrl+S in the main text box saves the Hosts file. Can be changed in Settings > Input
Added: American language file. (Thanks Chris Newman)
Changed: About form re-designed
Removed: HostsCK no longer checks for Windscribe VPN and keeps the Hosts writable if it is
detected. This was meant as a temporary fix for several users before the release of version 2.2.9
Removed: Delete cookies setting
Fixed: HostsDE not updating the Hosts under certain conditions
Fixed: HostsDE not adding whitelist when updating the Hosts
Fixed: Edits to the Hosts file were ignored after using the search function. (Thanks Виталий)
Fixed: Bug that prevented HostsCK checking for updates to the Microsoft Extra blocks list
Fixed: If HostsCK disabled the Hosts file and a VPN created one, HostsCK could not re-enable the Hosts.
HostsCK will now enable the Hosts from the dis file but changes made by the VPN while disabled will be lost
Fixed: “Search Next” button text could be missing. (Thanks Liz)
Fixed: Write error when saving a site to the whitelist (Thanks Francis Béringer)

Version – 20 May 2019

Fixed: Internet Explorer loading when HostsDE checked for a Hosts update while a VPN client was connecting or had disabled an internet connection.
Fixed: HostsCK crash when launching the Hosts update server in the default browser.
Added: Autosave setting. Open or drag and drop a Hosts file into HostsCK and it will be
automatically saved. HostsDE, if set to check for mvps Hosts updates, will download and save the Hosts
update when an update becomes available. Autosave is disabled by default. Go to ” Settings > Backup & Saving ”
to toggle autosave.
Added: Shortcut key for full view (F11).
Changed: Changed internet connection ping from to as several users reported
problems with HostsCK and HostsDE detecting an internet connection.
Improved: Colour schemes re-written. Each scheme is named and the scheme colours are extended
to other areas of HostsCK in some cases.
Improved: Graphical improvements to the built-in web browser.

Version – 27 March 2019

Improved: HostsCK detects Windows Server if restoring an original Hosts. Although the original Windows Server
Hosts is the same as Windows 7 and was restored as such, the user is now informed that a Windows Server Hosts
is being restored.
Fixed: The correct comments font colour is shown in the design settings page.

Version – 11 March 2019

Added: Setting in Settings > Input to automatically add and block an address when pasting a web
address into the text box. E.G. “” is pasted as “”.
Added: Setting in Settings > Misc to warn that Hosts is disabled when HostsCK exits.
Added: HostsCK checks that the Hosts file can be edited and is not locked by another program when it
starts. See Help
Added: Added font colouring for “# My Saved Sites”, “# Start Of Microsoft Blocks #” and
“# Start Of EXTRA Microsoft Blocks #” orange, lime and red respectively.
Added: “View List” Link to view the Microsoft extra blocks list in your text editor.
Link is on the “You have the latest version” message box when checking for an update to the
extra blocks.
Fixed: Fixed the English language file getting corrupted during install or update in certain cases.
Fixed: Fixed a memory leak in HostsDE.
Improved: HostsDE logging and MVPS server check.
Improved: Only the domain name of a web address gets pasted into the text box.
E.G. “” becomes “” when using the Paste menu item to paste a
web address into the text box.
Ctrl+V overrides this behaviour so the full address gets pasted.
Changed: Check Hosts is disabled when restoring a Hosts backup until that backup has been saved.

Version – 28 January 2019

Version fixes the many problems that Windows update KB4481480 caused.

Fixed: Completed the fix for the broken visual styling.
Fixed: Check for program updates broken.
Fixed: HostsCK form flicker when starting.
Fixed: Menu items not being translated.
Fixed: Some message boxes not displaying correctly.
Fixed: Many other small bugs related to the KB4481480 update.
Fixed: Hosts file last updated information bar in the built in browser not
showing for some users. (not due to KB4481480)
Fixed: HostsDE exiting without explanation in Windows 10. (not due to KB4481480)
Changed: If you chose to include the Microsoft extra blocks list in settings the list
will be downloaded if it does not already exist.
Changed: The HostsCK installer now includes the Microsoft extra blocks list version
which will be installed if a list does not exist.

Version – 12 January 2019

Fixed/Workaround: Windows update KB4481480 (Security and Quality Rollup for .NET Framework)
has broken HostsCK visual styling.
This is an untested fix that should hopefully enable visual styling. The problem should be properly
addressed in the next update.

Version – 04 January 2019

Fixed: HostsCK could become unresponsive when checking for program updates.
Fixed: Spelling mistake in message box.
Changed: Stronger encryption is used when sending an email using
“Email with bugs or suggestions”. Also, due to a server-side change, the HostsCK email
client has been updated. The email client will no longer work on earlier versions of HostsCK.
Updated: Language files and license.

Version – 03 December 2018

Added: Setting to add extra Microsoft blocks to the Hosts when opening and saving
a file. Please read the IMPORTANT-INFORMATION-HERE
Fixed: HostsCK no longer detects font colouring when searching or changing colour
schemes as changes to the Hosts file.
Fixed: The HostsCK installer hiding the lists directory in “AppData\Local\HostsCK”

Version – 28 November 2018

Added: Setting to automatically show the edit panel when typing in the main textbox.
Added: Settings to show or suppress the “No more matches of” message when using
search to search for text in the Hosts file.
Fixed: HostsCK displays correctly on high DPI monitors.
Fixed: A rare “Single Thread Apartment” error when flushing the DNS Cache.
Improved: HostsCK detects user input in the main textbox much better and will
enable the save button and display an asterisk to show that changes may need to be saved.
Improved: Several minor improvements to search functions, GetIP, the built in
web browser and the Bugs and Suggestions email client.
Updated: The HostsCK uninstaller now enables the DNS Client Service without asking
and deletes the registry key HostsDE creates if it is set to run when Windows starts.
Updated: The HostsCK Install program has been updated to conform to Microsoft
guidelines. This means that links to the Uninstall HostsCK shortcut and the HostsCK license
are no longer in the HostsCK Start Menu folder. A link to the uninstaller is now in the
HostsCK program files directory and can still be easily uninstalled from the Windows
control panel.
Removed: HostsCK can no longer be sent to the system tray to protect the Hosts
file as this is now handled by HostsDE.

Version – 09 November 2018

Fixed: Correct menu icons are shown if HostsCK is running in the system tray.
Fixed: HostsDE showing a “The process cannot access the file” warning
if checking for an updated Hosts file.
Fixed: The larger font when typing setting now works.
Fixed: The reading icon was being shown on the ‘Addresses blocked’ status
label when changing between showing own icons or not in settings.
Improved: The Startup code has been re-organized so HostsCK starts more
smoothly and, if using the English language file, starts slightly quicker.
Added: When highlighting text in the main textbox, ‘Copy’ and ‘Cut’ menu items
will be displayed enabling you to quickly copy or cut the selected text. This can be
disabled in Settings > Input > Show copy menu.
Removed: Removed ‘Check for updated Hosts’ setting as it has been replaced
with HostsDE checking for Hosts updates.
Changed: The ‘No duplicate entries found’ message box no longer shows ‘Hosts OK’.
Changed: ‘Cut’, ‘Copy’, ‘Paste’ and ‘Select All’ right-click menu items have been
moved above the ‘Saved Sites’ menu items.
Updated: Updated the Microsoft blocks list.

Version – 02 October 2018

Added: HostsDE can check for mvps updates periodically while it is running and provides
protection against the renaming or deletion of the Hosts as well as preventing changing it’s read-only
attribute by other programs.
Added: HostsCK can now clear the Internet Explorer cache as well as cookies when closing
the built in browser.
Added: Setting to show URLs in main textbox. Links can be clicked and opened
in the default browser.
Improved: HostsCK’s total load time reduced by up to 1 second.
Improved: Search textbox back and fore colour will be the same as the main textbox
Improved: The Design panel in Settings has a more logical layout.
Changed: Search textbox text highlight happens on mouse up instead of mouse down.
Changed: Slight redesign to the About window.

Version – 01 Spetember 2018

Fixed: Correct language was not shown in some message boxes.
Fixed: Font settings were not being loaded.
Improved: HostsCK handles very large Hosts files much more efficiently.
Added: You can now drag and drop a Hosts or Hosts.txt file on to the textbox to load it.
Added: Edit panel providing quick access to redo, undo and zoom functions as well as displaying the textbox line number.
Added: You can check your saved allowed sites. HostsCK can check that the connection to the sites is working.
Site check is available from the userlist window. See help Here
Added: Greyscale colour scheme for the textbox.
Added: Option to install APHont Font, a font developed specifically for low vision readers by American Printing House.
The font can be chosen from settings to make the Hosts clearer to read for low vision users. Full download needed.

Version – 12 August 2018

Fixed: Not all comments were being removed if Show Comments was
disabled in settings.
Improved: HostsCK does not need restarting when switching between
showing and hiding comments.
Added: HostsDE. A small program that can run in the system tray and
provides quick access to disabling or enabling the Hosts file.
Removed: Removed “Delete Saved Sites” from textbox right-click menu.
Corrected: The correct German language code (DE) is now used and shown
in the installer.
Updated: All language files.
Updated: Help file

Version – 2 August 2018

Fixed: Saving a selected site to the saved list now works as expected.
Added: If language file updates are essential they will be downloaded
when HostsCK is updated.
Added: Option to download the help file from the settings dialog.
Added: Full view mode added to the textbox right-click menu.
Full view hides everything on the HostsCK window except for the
textbox. While in full view, HostsCK can be resized.

Version – 29 July 2018

Fixed: Hosts now shows as Read Only when saving after restoring a backup.
Improved: HostsCK checks that it is being run with administrator privileges
earlier in code.
Improved: GetIP text colouring happens much faster.
Changed: The default colour scheme has been changed to a more modern look.
Changed: The main window colour has been changed to compliment the new
default colour scheme.

Version – 26 July 2018

Fixed: Correct language is shown in the status strip when reverting to an original Hosts.
Improved: The Tooltips in the Hosts Info form appear quicker and last longer.
Requested by Pev04, Mike66, LonelyTony and Liz.
Other: Completing the switch from the old English only HostsCK to the multi-language.
HostsCK now gives the option to update the language files if a program update is available.
This brings it in line with the new installer which gives a choice to install language files.
Other: Emailing using the “Email with bugs or suggestions” menu item now includes how
much available memory there is on the users system if the user chooses to include
this information in the email. This can help me when a problem is reported.
Other: The update information displayed when checking for program updates has links
back to the posts on which often have more information on the update.

Version – 24 July 2018

Improved: HostsCK will now make a couple of checks to determine if a new program update is
available. Hopefully this will help prevent the problem some users experienced in future. See Here
Tweaked: Tweaked the logic used to check for language file updates and the date which any
language files were updated will be stored in HostsCK.ini.
Fixed: Spelling mistakes in the English language file.
Improved: Uninstalling HostsCK now does a better job of not enabling the DNS Cache Service
if the user chooses not enable it.
The program installer now gives the choice whether to install German or Russian languages.

Version – 20 July 2018

Bug fix: While testing on a virtual machine a bug was found that prevented HostsCK
checking for program updates. While this seemed to only happen on virtual machines
the bug has been fixed anyway.
Fixed: The correct wording is now shown when downloading a program update.

Version – 15 July 2018

Improved: HostsCK will now remember the directory a Hosts file was opened from.
Improved: HostsCK will check for language file updates while checking for program
updates. If there are no program updates available the user has the option to download
the updated language files if any are available. If a program update is available then a
full update with language files is performed. (HostsCK Multi-Language only)
Added: If the DNS Service is enabled when saving a Hosts file HostsCK will
recommend that it be disabled if the file contains more than 200 entries.
Removed: Removed local help file. As the majority of users use online help,
help is now only available online.
Updated: Minor graphical updates.

Version – 06 June 2018

Fixed: On extremely rare occasions HostsCK could freeze on closing.
This was due to HostsCK being unable to save it’s window position.
If this happens HostsCK will now close and then start centre screen.
Improved: HostsCK will revert to the default lists location if it cannot find
the path set by the user.

Version – 17 March 2018

Added: You can now save your own whitelist of addresses that will be
unblocked when the Hosts is saved. Read Help file for more info.

Version – 25 February 2018

Fixed: Font colouring not working as expected if the Hosts had lines ending
in a carriage return as well as a line feed.
Thank you to Alan K for reporting this.
Updated: Updated the installer to create a link to the license.rtf in the
Start menu instead of the old License.txt.

Version – 11 February 2018

Added: Added a setting to have HostsCK open the update web page in
your default browser instead of using the built-in browser.
Improved: Reduced overall memory usage by around 5% without
impacting performance.

Version – 17 January 2018

Added: You can now set up your own lists to be imported into the
Hosts when opening and saving a Hosts file. See Help.
An option to download ListCK to check lists for duplicate entries
in the Hosts file has been added.
Updated: Updated Microsoft blocks list.

Version – 12 January 2018

Added: HostsCK can now check to see if an updated Hosts file is
available on when the computer starts.
Updated: Updated the Tech Scam list.

Version – 16 November 2017

Fixed: Hosts search not working as it should.
Fixed: Bug that prevented some users adding addresses to
the Hosts using GetIP on Windows 10.
Added: “;;show dns cache” advanced option which performs
an ipconfig /displaydns and saves the results to file. See Help.
Improved: HostsCK detects your operating system much better when
restoring a default Hosts. There had been some cases of Windows 7
being detected as Windows server 2008.
Graphical improvement: Updated icons on main toolbar.
Updated: Updated the license.

Version – 28 October 2017

Added: HostsCK can automatically add a site to your saved sites
list when allowing or blocking a site using GetIP.
Added: Search function to the saved sites list viewer.
Improved: Exported saved lists can be imported back more easily using the
Import feature in the saved sites dialog.
Optimized: Optimized code in ‘Bugs and Suggestions’ email form.
Removed: Removed obsolete code in HostsCK and it’s libraries.

Version – 14 August 2017

Improved: Sending emails to rediSoft using the Email with bugs and suggestions
menu option now uses its own small email client.

Version – 13 August 2017

Bug Fix: If set to start with Windows HostsCK would go into a start/exit loop if
clicking the Restore HostsCK menu item. Restoring HostsCK from the system tray when it has
started with Windows has always been problematic and has been removed for now.

Version 2.0 – 1 August 2017 (Major Update)

Fixed: Bug that would not disable the DNS Cache for some users on Windows 7.
Fixed: File access bug on Windows 10 machines.
Fixed: HostsCK could crash if sent to the system tray to actively protect the Hosts file or
when disabling the Hosts file if the file was locked by another program.
Improved: Settings form redesigned making it clearer and easier to use.
Improved: Start up and read times are up to 25% faster.
Improved: Many functions have been re-written which has improved program speed
and memory usage.
Improved: No need to restart HostsCK if choosing a colour scheme from the quick colour
chooser in settings.
Improved: Font colouring.
Added: Different fonts, available from settings, can now be used in the main text box.
Added: Hosts last modified info now shown in about box.
Lots of code optimizations, tweaks and minor bug fixes.

Version – 22 June 2017

Bug Fix: HostsCK would sometimes freeze if it was set to save a backup of the HOSTS file
while saving the HOSTS. This happened if the file had been deleted when HostsCK was running.

Version – 09 June 2017

Added: The saved sites list can now be saved to a text file. This makes it easier to import your
list into a new installation of HostsCK.
Thanks to Pev04 for the suggestion.

Version – 02 March 2017

Improved: The HostsCK GetIP module is now slightly bigger enabling a bigger font to be used
making it easier to read. It has also been re-coded to make it more user friendly.

Version – 19 December 2016

Added: A menu item to view and manage any saved websites is now in the Help section of
the HostsCK toolbar. The link is only visible if you have websites saved.

Version – 13 October 2016

Improved: If set to HostsCK will remind you to check for an update to the Hosts file 30
days after the last update and now 10 days thereafter until it has been updated.
Updated: The help file has been updated and now includes help on what to do if a website
doesn’t load.

Version – 16 September 2016

Improved: Checking for program updates now lists all of the updates since general release.
Improved: The update will now automatically install and not prompt the user to install.

Version – 28th August 2016

Fixed: Private Internet Access (PIA) VPN could not connect after removing duplicate
Hosts entries.

Version – 3rd July 2016

Fixed: a rare crash when checking the Host file on Windows 10.
Fixed: broken Auto0. If set to HostsCK will now automatically add to a new line
when typing in the textbox.
Minor graphical improvement in the ‘About’ box.

Version – 17th April 2016 (General Release)

Bug Fix: Fixed a send to tray bug that occasionally wouldn’t release the Hosts file from active
protection if HostsCK was restored.
Added: “Email with bugs or suggestions”.
Implemented error logging.
Updated the Microsoft block list.

Version – 11th January 2016: (Preparing for general release)

Cleaned all code.
Took into account the prefix change from to and added options to deal with that.
Improved check for program updates function for a faster connection to server.
Added a send to tray option which actively guards the Hosts file.
Updated the restore original Hosts file function to include versions for Windows 8 and 10.
Added warning for using a very large Hosts file.
HostsCK now uses 20% less memory.
Fixed a timestamp bug.
Fixed a bug that made the textbox flicker after saving a Hosts file on Windows 8 machines.
Minor GUI improvements.
Added Microsoft block list.

Version – November 2009

Fixed a “No Connection Found” bug in check for program updates.
Added check DNS Cache Service.
Added commands to start, stop and flush the DNS Cache that can be typed into the search box.

Version – October 2009

Added check for program updates.
Redesigned the About box.

Version 1.5 – August 2009

The browser component is now in its own library, ckBrowser.dll.
This has made HostsCK more responsive and sorted the performance issues many were having.
Rewrite of the font colouring code, colouring now happens much faster.
Fixed bug where making the Hosts file read-only didn’t always work.

Version 1.4 – June 2009
Added a browser to make downloading Host files updates easier as requested.
Added GetIP.
Added setting to enable the DNS Client Service if restoring an original Microsoft Hosts.
Search now highlights words found.
Added font colouring for comments and entries.
Added colouring to textbox background.
Added various settings options including auto and the Optimize settings.
Added save your own entries.
Added a help file.
Check for duplicates function now runs on its own thread for stability.
Minor GUI improvements.
Version 1.3 – February 2009

Added search function.
Added restore default Hosts file.
HostsCK now checks if a Hosts backup already exists.

Version 1.2 – May 2008
Added requested functions to backup and restore the backup of the Hosts file.

Version 1.1 – Janurary 2008

Complete rewrite of code.
Added a Graphical User Interface (GUI).
Improved check for duplicates function on large Hosts files.
Added disable and enable functions.
Hosts file can be read and modified from the GUI.
Added ability to import Hosts files.

Version 1.0.1 – November 2007

Added ability to make Hosts file writable or read-only.

Version 1 – October 2007
Command window only to check for duplicate entries in the Hosts file.