Wales put in Tier 4 lockdown

From midnight 20th December Wales will be plunged into a
Tier 4 lockdown.


I’m partying like it’s 1994 over Christmas.

If you have a problem with that i sincerely hope that you remain
terrified and miserable for the rest of your pathetic and pointless life.

Merry Christmas xxx



By Helena

I love a man who isn't wearing a face nappy.

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Bloody right. Enough is enough.

Apparently the new strain of COVID is rife in Wales
but i ask, how the hell can a virus that doesn’t even
exist produce a new strain?

We are in a Tier 4 lockdown BECAUSE OF PEOPLE LIKE YOU.
We all need to be sensible and look out for each other.
This new strain spreads quicker, more will get infected, many more
people are going to die and you think it’s clever to say i don’t care
and carry on as normal. Well FUCK THAT. I hope you idiots all
start to die off so us sensible, caring folk can get back to normal.

There is enough evidence now to show that not wearing masks,
not social distancing, walking the wrong way down a one way
supermarket isle and not doing what the TV tells you to makes
you immune to COVID.

As a healthy human being i have lived life as normal this year.
I have not been ill, not even a cold. I have not needed to be
tested for anything because i am healthy.
Because i am healthy and living a normal, free life i am selfish.
I am a threat to others and possibly responsible for the death
of granny. Others like me are doing great, we are not getting
sick. “But you are asymptomatic” i hear you cry. That’s OK.
Asymptomatic non mask wearing carriers of this deadly
virus do not get sick, only the fearful mask wearers who
get tested are falling ill, if they want attention on
social media, or testing positive for a virus yet to be
proved exists with a test that cannot test for what it is
testing for.

I admit, a COVID mortality rate of less than 1% is
terrifying, way more terrifying than the millions who die
from heart disease each year but i cannot, i will not give
up my life so useless, scared, brainwashed mega-morons
can feel safe.

Unemployment rising
Bankruptcy rising
Suicide rising
Starvation rising
Domestic abuse rising
Child abuse rising
Depression rising
Homelessness rising
Cancer not being treated
Heart disease not being treated
Predicted 2M children in UK without food at Christmas
4M+ children in poverty in the UK

When are you going to start looking out for these people esta star?

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