We must keep the public dumb to the lies about “Covid”

Coronavirus flu symptoms are just that, the flu but the public must
remain dumb about that.
Mandatory vaccinations under sedation if necessary, the BBC keen
to lead this message.
£5000 fines, 18 month imprisonment, ban from returning to community.
Community courses and counselling for up to 5 years if you’ve watched
conspiratorial messages online plus extra 6 months on top of your
18 month prison sentence.

We must keep the public dumb to the lies about “Covid” and force
them to have the vaccine under sedation if necessary

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My advise: Tool up and dig in.

I am a peaceful person, never hurt anyone and never
wanted to but i will not submit to the new world order.
I’ve no doubt that my time will come and when it does
i will go out fighting.

The man who started this website left his life behind
to join a community in 2019 because they knew what would
be happening in 2020. They know that their community will
not be tolerated in the New World Order and fully expect to
be wiped out at the NWO’s convenience if the push for
The Great Reset and New World Order is not stopped.
There’s only two ways to stop it imo and it will take millions
of people to come together and either fight or just say no.

I’ve heard a lot of people talk about starting communities,
never thought about them no fitting in with the NWO.
I guess they wouldn’t want anyone outside of their new

One-sided because, so far, every poster has similar
views. Debate is necessary and to debate you need
at least two different views on a subject.

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