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I present the wet fish that is John Cartwright

The famous Bitchute video-sharing website is down at the moment. This is a racist website hosting horrible videos containing racism, but the Cloudflare errors show that it is finally gone. This will help stop misinformation about the current election. Youtube is still going strong, this is a better video-sharing solution anyway. We will see what happens after the US election is finished and the winner is declared. Youtube hosts many more interesting videos, like full episodes of Gordon Ramsay`s Kitchen Nightmares. That is more entertaining than the crap on Bitchute was. The Internet needs to be a more inclusive place and vile racist videos have no place on it. Let us just enjoy the election coverage and see who comes out on top. Apparently the website has really been shut down, the SSL certificate is valid until next July, but who cares. I would rather use Youtube anyday.

Google-owned Youtube is just a better product than Bitchute, even though they had a Bitslide app for mobile users, I still prefer Youtube, it has a better community and actual moderation. That is key to any large community on the Internet, proper moderation. Youtube is a good place to post videos and hang out because of that fact. Other websites with no moderation are bad places to hang out. A safe place to talk and watch videos together is a great way to pass the time.


As i posted this BitChute came online. If only i could see
Mr. Cartwright now.


By Helena

I love a man who isn't wearing a face nappy.

3 replies on “I present the wet fish that is John Cartwright”

LOL. Unfortunately there’s too many people like John Cartwright
in the world. I wounder if he is your typical Linux user 🙂

That’s priceless, glad i stumbled upon it. Youtube is a
nothing more than a place for anyone who likes
Gordon Ramsay now anyway. To be happy that free speech
is being destroyed is beyond words. This specimen should
be forced to use Windows 10 for life.

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