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Why Is This Legal? Presentation on Vaccines by Laura Hayes

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Why is it legal to mandate even one, much less scores of, invasive medical procedures that include long lists of serious, often permanent, risks, including death, chronic illness, and severe disability? Bear in mind that mandated medicine makes informed consent impossible. If there is no choice, then voluntary consent is made null and void. Remember, informed consent involves a formal opting in, and should never require a formal opting out…a simple “no thank you” should always suffice when one wants to decline or refuse any medical treatment or procedure for oneself or one’s child. Additionally, mandated medicine makes the ethical practice of medicine impossible. The hallmark of ethical medicine is that of prior, completely voluntary, and fully informed consent. Coercion, force, mandates, penalties, and the elimination of individual and parental rights can have no part in the practice of ethical medicine. Perhaps most importantly, mandated medicine, which includes vaccine mandates, violates a most fundamental human right, the right to decide what one allows, or doesn’t allow, into oneself and one’s child. To quote legal scholar and human rights activist Mary Holland, “Without that right, what meaningful right do we have?” So we must ask, why is it legal to mandate vaccines in a free and ethical society?

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