Yet another new variant of Coronavirus

First there was the first variant of Coronavirus – COVID-19 part 1.

January 2020. We were told that this virus would kill millions world wide.
Bodies would pile up on the streets, hospitals would overflow, humanity as we
knew it would die out.
Part 1 was disappointing. There was a casedemic but no pandemic. No piles of
bodies and no overflowing hospitals. There were a lot of people wearing the
mask of fear though.

December 2020 – COVID-19 part 2.

A new improved super-deadly 70% more effective Coronavirus strain entered the UK.
This was the big one. The Welsh first minister cancelled Christmas in Wales and put them
into a Tier 4 lockdown. He had no choice. He told us that this was a cunning virus that
would infect anyone wearing a mask if a selfish non mask wearer ignored the COVID safety
supermarket one way system. This hit hard, we were all going to die this time surly.
Who would help us? There were whispers the the World Health Organization themselves were
talking about the UK. Were they discussing sending aid, maybe bring in a UN crisis unit.
Nah. Turns out they said that part 2 was no worse than part 1.

But wait. 23rd December 2020 and a new strain of Coronavirus from South Africa has hit the
shores of old Blighty.

Part 3 – This is the one people.

Everyone in the UK will die this time, they were just breaking us in gently with the other
two variants. Early indications are that this is the very Coronavirus that helped the
British defeat the Zulu kings in the Anglo-Zulu War of 1879. This strain knows how to kill.
And i know this one is bad because a friend who is a nurse in a busy hospital told me that the
nurses there have been told that they may have to limit their TikTok dance routines to 6 per day.

The Independent online report that experts who know what they are doing are doing stuff that we
would not understand but trust them, they are doing it for us. Maybe, while these experts are doing
all this complicated stuff they can actually isolate SARS-CoV-2 / COVID-19 and finally prove to
the world that it exists. Or is that too much to ask?


3 replies on “Yet another new variant of Coronavirus”

If there is anyone left with half a functioning brain cell
surely they must be thinking to themselves by now
that this COVID pandemic just isn’t adding up.

If the mainstream news ever get hold of your Zulu war
reference they will use it and people would believe it.

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