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You do not wear your mask for me

You do not wear your mask for me. If you are that concerned for me YOU stay at home to keep me safe. so YOU do not spread your germs to me.

Go and learn the very basics of virology and don’t learn it from Wikipedia. Get off your no good fat arse and visit a library, read books.

You cannot catch a virus.


By Helena

I love a man who isn't wearing a face-nappy.

2 replies on “You do not wear your mask for me”

“You cannot catch a virus”. That’s a hard one to get your head around.
I have read up on this and watched the vids on YT and you
cannot catch a virus but still i find it hard to believe.
Shows how brainwashed i am 🙁

LenGJ, It took me a while to understand the immune system
and viruses, exosomes etc. and it was hard breaking the
brainwashing. Makes me so angry when i think about the
rubbish we are taught.
At least you are breaking the brainwashing 🙂

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